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21 Stunning Matte Painting Tutorials

Stunning Matte Painting Tutorials

Matte painting used to get amazing visual effects. Follow the stunning roundup of matte painting tutorials to learn and start your own creativity.

Matte painting is a technique used to create ultra realistic effects which is mostly used by photographers and film maker. Matte painting are used to create with tools like photoshop, 3D max, illustrator, etc. These technique allows to create surreal effects like city spaces, mountain views, ruined territory, war zones and much more. The designers and film maker create these effects because in real world these type of effects are nearly impossible to achieve.

In early 90s, matte painting are regularly used by film maker and created in big studios. Nowadays lots of matte painting tutorials are present in the internet and its very difficult to find some best matte painting tutorials so we have collected some masterclass tutorials. If you follow each and every matte painting tutorials from this list, then within few days or weeks you will start creating your own creative visual effects. Some professional designers can easily create amazing 3D effects and its need dedication and amazing creativity thoughts.

21 Stunning Matte Painting Tutorials

Here I have collected some stunning matte painting tutorials 2017 for your inspiration. You just need to follow steps from matte tutorials and start working on your on creativity.

Follow most stunning collection of matte painting tutorials.


Create a Mountain Fortress Using Mngatte Painti

Matte Painting Tutorials


Create an Epic Fantasy Digital Matte Painting

Matte Painting Tutorials


Digital Matte Painting for Beginners

Matte Painting Tutorials 2017


Matte Painting In Blender


Create a Devastating Tidal Wave


Abandoned City Matte Painting Tutorial


Create a Landscape Matte Painting


Create a Fantasy Landscape Matte Painting


Matte Painting 101: Meteor Impacts


Matte Painting: Making of Barbarossa


Apocalyptic Panoramic Matte Painting


Create an Amazing Futuristic Matte Painting


Making of Renaissance


Create Ruins of a Forgotten Abbey


London National History Museum Matte Painting


Create a Futuristic, Fantasy Matte Painting


Making Of ‘The Lost World’


Create an Apocalyptic City Street


Semi Realistic Matte Painting


Create an Earth Shattering Disaster Scene


Making of Urban

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