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15 Useful jQuery UI Datepicker & Calendar Plugins

jquery ui datepicker & calendar plugin

Jquery datepicker & calendar plugins to create elegant UI for your website. These jquery plugins is very useful yet handy to call a functions at any moments.

Jquery plugins used to create interactive and dynamic websites. Using jquery plugins, you can add lots of functionality in your website like datepicker in the input field, slider, carousal, image lightbox and much more. Here I am going to discuss about jquery ui datepicker & calendar plugin. With the help of jquery datepicker, you can add interactive datepicker in the input field. In such jquery plugin, you can call functions with events like after selecting date ranges, week’s selection, month selection and much more. Calling functions with such handy events will going to help you in creating amazing websites.

To create interactive websites you can use css3 hover effects along with jquery plugins.

Jquery ui datepicker plugins and jquery calendar plugins are almost identical in functionality with only few minor differences so you can use either of them in your website. These jquery ui datepicker plugins are widely used by front-end developers to create a beautiful interface for picking dates and time.

15 Useful jQuery UI Datepicker & Calendar Plugins

In this article, I have collected some useful jquery ui datepicker & calendar plugins 2017. Using these jquery plugin you can create amazing and interactive user interface for your website. Enjoy my collection of useful yet handy jquery ui datepicker & calendar plugins!

CLNDR.js – A jQuery Calendar Plugin

Useful jQuery UI Datepicker & Calendar Plugins

Full Calendar

Useful jQuery UI Datepicker & Calendar Plugins

Date Picker

Useful jQuery UI Datepicker & Calendar Plugins 2017

Tiny Date Picker

Useful jQuery UI Datepicker 2017

Caleran – Date Range Picker

Useful jQuery UI Datepicker Plugins 2017


Calentim – Date/Time Range Picker

Schedule Template

Tiny date and time picker

Flexible Calender

Material Datetime Picker


Jquery Simple Datetime Picker

jQuery Continuous Calendar

Zebra Datepicker

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