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31 Best Google Chrome Desktop Apps

Best Google Chrome Desktop Apps

Google Chrome is the fastest growing browser in the intensive category of the web browser. This is interesting when compared to other browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which are seeing their usage statistics reducing. The reason could be assigned to Chrome’s minimalist shape and its durability coupled with the availability of sunless google chrome desktop apps on chrome web store.

Why build Google Chrome Apps?

By creating a google chrome desktop app, as opposed to going with a stuffy web app or a local mobile app, you enlarge your believable audience and extend your development ability.

Develop your potential audience

When you scribe a Chrome App, as an opponent to an app that runs natively on a specific operating system, you instantly make your app available to a much larger audience.

  • To any desktop
  • To mobile devices
  • To a Chromebook

Extend your development capability

Google chrome desktop apps enlarge your development capacity above what you can do with classic web apps:

  • The google chrome app makes it easy for users to search and start your Chrome App.
  • OS X users can use the integrated spotlight discover to find and start your chrome desktop app.
  • Google Chrome apps for desktop can access the host computer’s file mode and make use of all hardware features.

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31 Best Google Chrome Desktop Apps

Here you will find 31 Best Google Chrome Desktop Apps which run from the app launcher google introduced recently. We have also included some stunning google chrome apps found in the chrome store which easily run offline.



Google Keep




Until AM






Google Slides


Google Calendar


Webcam Toy


Little Alchemy


Memo Notepad




Dev HTTP Client


Fiabee HTML5 Viewer


Image DNA


Gradient Creator!


Downloads Button




Color Creator!




Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics




Gliffy Diagrams


Lucidchart Diagrams




Gmail Offline


Booktrack Studio


History Eraser App


Turn Off the Lights


Full Web Tetris

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